KSW 58 Results

KSW 58 went down tonight in Łódź, Poland. There were a few surprises along the way. The production team did a great job reinventing the arena again, creating a fresh look. We also saw the return of the opening ceremony.

Francisco Barrio def Bartłomiej Kopera via Unanimous Decision

Three almost identical rounds, Barrio used his grappling advantage on the fence to get the win. It was a fight of very little action.

Robert Ruchała def Daniel Bažant via Submission (3rd Round Armbar)

Ruchała put on a grappling clinic in this one. He did look a little troubled on the feet so has a little work to do there. The finish was slick, grabbed the arm in a scramble and got the instant tap.

Paweł Polityło def Dawid Martynik via Unanimous Decision

Dominant performance from Polityło. Controlled the grappling throughout. Martynik had the odd good moment on the feet, however Polityło was comfortable enough. Irish MMA gets it’s first win of the year.

Michał Andryszak def Guto Inocente via Submission (2nd Round Head and Arm Choke)

Andryszak didn’t take any chances in this one, taking the Brazilian down early in both rounds. From there, he was active in the ground and pound and finishing up with a head and arm choke in the second.

Shamil Musaev def Uroš Jurišič via Unanimous Decision

Great display from Musaev. He applied his really effective ground game. Jurišič will be disappointed he didn’t offer more on the feet. There were unpleasantries after the fight with a brawl between the two teams. Musaev took Jurišič down during the brawl and the pair had to be separated. KSW will investigate and decide on any punishment as a result.

Michał Michalski def Aleksandar Rakas via KO/TKO (1st Round elbows from the crucifix)

Rakas was winning the stand up early on until Michalski upped the pace. Michalski then secured the takedown, transitioned to the crucifix and rained down elbows to his defenceless foe.

Szymon Kołecki def Martin Zawada via Unanimous Decision

Zawada had a lot of joy in the feet early on in this one, however the tale of the fight is in the Kołecki takedowns. He managed to keep most of the fight on the ground and dominated from there.

Daniel Torres def Salahdine Parnasse via TKO/KO (1st Round bicep blow)

Torres shocked the world to win the KSW featherweight title. Parnasse looked fast and slick as usual, until Torres caught him with the inside of his bicep to the temple and knocked the Frenchman out, which is still not as shocking as the quickest MMA knockout in history. Referee Tomasz Bronder with a good stoppage.


KSW will return on March 20th with KSW 59 featuring Mariusz Pudzianowski and Antun Račić.


Seán Denny is a Dublin man who writes mostly on the European scene, with a keen interest in the Irish, UK and Polish scenes in particular. Follow me on Twitter at @DennyRants.

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