Renowned UFC fighter Paul Kelly Resigns from MMA

Former UFC fighter Paul Kelly will no longer advance his fighting career as he has announced retirement. The British fighter has decided to call it quits for several reasons, including the slowdown of the sport by Covid-19. First, he mentioned that Corona Virus slowed down the sport, and taking any other time off wasn’t in his plans. If you bet on fighting sports, he’ll no longer be an option.  

Paul Kelly, the fighting guru from Liverpool is 36 years and has made the UK proud for his wins. He says he now wants to focus on family and make up for the time he’s been away. Paul also added that letting go is an important thing you should always consider. Announcing the retirement news in an Instagram post on Monday, Paul Kelly confirmed that he’ll surely miss the sport. However, he has good memories to hold on to in the career. He’s met big people, he’s made wins, he’s had fun, and the list goes on.

Paul Kelly’s early days of fighting career

Kelly’s fighting career was full of wins and losses. At one time he even stopped working to serve a prison sentence. Not to forget, he’s also fought with big names, including Donald Cerrone. The former UFC fighter lost the fight to his opponent in the second round. So, the two received a $75,000 Fight of the Night bonus award. This made for the second award for Fighter of the Night award Paul Kelly ever received in his career. Betting sites such as Comeon has made it possible for MMA fans to bet on upcoming fights.

Unfortunately, Paul Kelly was arrested for trafficking heroine in England in 2013. He was sentenced and needed to serve 13-year imprisonment. However, in 2017 he was given a work release, and later on, he would have a comeback in his fighting career. Finally, in 2020, Kelly completed his sentence and went back to his fighting career. This time, he won as he had missed the sport for 6 years of jail term. 

Paul Kelly was lucky enough to beat a 15-15 record in 2020 immediately after revamping his career. This last fight took place in Probellum 1: Liverpool. It saw him beat Simone Bottino in the second round of TKO. He outperformed his opponent after a 7 years comeback from imprisonment. Kelly was happy that his career was still in a spirited mode even after the break. 

What are Paul Kelly’s achievements?

In his career, Paul has received several accolades for being a recognized UK fighter. He’s represented the UK well in the UFC. The UFC fighter has retired on a three-fight winning streak, 2008-2011. He’ll also be remembered for standing in for the UK under the UFC banner. Also, he’s taken home two “Fight of the Night” awards in the UFC. His 2008-2011 competition with the big names gave him 155 pounds. Additionally, he beat renowned fighters while at it, such as Donald Cerrone, Dennis Silver, and Marcus Davis. 

Kelly announced that his MMA career was an epic one and he’ll miss every part of it. He met notable people he wouldn’t have met if he weren’t a fighter. It was also an enjoyable experience working on a field he’s so passionate about, not to mention winning the heated battles.  However, it’s now time to let go and focus on other things. As he gave the final comments, Paul said that winning is winning. He’d now want to win in taking care of his family and making up for the 6-12 years that he’s been away. Kelly concluded on his Instagram post that he wishes his former colleagues the best of luck. 


Famous fighter Paul Kelly is now retired and you won’t spot him in the MMA. The 36-year-old has finalized his career after several achievements. He’s happy for what he’s been able to do over his career. Reminiscing about the journey he’s taken, Paul is only happy that he did it. He happens to be England’s best fighter as he has represented them pretty well. Now it’s time to leave the career for his fellows as he says. Also, Paul Kelly credits Covid-19 for his early retirement. As y’all know, the pandemic saw things crumbling down and it was no different for the fighting sport. Since Paul Kelly no longer has the plans to hold on for long breaks and offs, he’d better call it quits.

Severe MMA Staff