Video – Cage Warriors 69 Weigh-In Highlights

Lightweight: Steven Ray (154lbs) vs. Curt Warburton (154.3lbs)
Middleweight: Jack Marshman (186lbs) vs. Bola Omoyele (184.8lbs)
Welterweight: Mohsen Bahari (170.2lbs) vs. Ben Alloway (170.5lbs)
Welterweight: Simeon Thoresen (169.8lbs) vs. Jake Bostwick (170.6lbs)
Welterweight: Jack Mason (173.1lbs)** vs. Bruno Carvalho (171lbs)
Lightweight: Martin Delaney (154.6lbs) vs. Damir Hadzovic (155.3lbs)
Middleweight: Jack Hermansson (184.7lbs) vs. Norman Paraisy (183.2lbs)
Flyweight: Rosi Sexton (125.1lbs) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (122.9lbs)
Lightweight: Tim Wilde (155.9lbs) vs. Damien Brown (155.4lbs)
Featherweight: Arnold Allen (145.4lbs) vs. Marcin Wrzosek (145.6lbs)
Featherweight: Graham Turner (144.6lbs) vs. Suleiman Bouhata (145.6lbs)
Lightweight: Jason Cooledge (157.2lbs) vs. Brad Wheeler (157.6lbs)*
Flyweight: Brett Caswell (125.5lbs) vs. Spencer Hewitt (125.7lbs)
Bantamweight: Kerry Hughes (132.9lbs) vs. Amanda Kelly (133.6lbs)
Bantamweight: Adam Ventre (135.5lbs) vs. Aaron Blackwell (135.4lbs)
Light-heavyweight: Michael Ravenscroft (196.8lbs) vs. Darren Stewart (203lbs)

* Catchweight of 158lbs agreed by both fighters
** Missed weight; forfeits 25 per cent of purse to opponent

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