Alan Philpott ahead of Clan Wars 16 “Losing isn’t an option for me right now”

Alan Philpott has reached an apex of his career. The County Antrim native boasts a record of (8-5), with two wins in the Cage Warriors Fighting Championships organisation, each by way of stoppage. Philpott, who trains at IMMA gym, is set to take on Robert Skujins (5-2) at Clan Wars 16 on Saturday August 3rd.

For “The Apprentice”, MMA is just another step on the journey: “I have always been doing sports, from boxing to jiu jitsu to football to tae kwon do to rugby then settled in boxing for 4 years”, I wasn’t the best boxer but I worked hard and improved, I won the Co. Antrim novices, from then I started being able to put combos together and not just swing”.

Philpott continued: “My mate was at IMMA GYM Ballymena, I decided to see what it was like, so I went for a month one night a week, and then had loads of boxing fights and competitions so I left”.

“I fell out with my boxing coach so I went to see the beginner MMA coach at IMMA as there was a waiting list and he said I could come down and for the last 5 years this October that’s what I’ve been doing”.

As an athlete, Philpott’s first professional bout took place in 2011, a decision he realised: “Half way through my amateur career, people were always praising me and saying I could go far, and my coaches push me hard and now it’s what I want to do”.

MMA is often seen almost as an addiction, an idea Philpott fully subscribes too: “Yeah it is, I like to fight regular, if I don’t I feel groggy heavy and restless, so I guess you can say I’m a mma junkie.

As far as what motivates him and keeps him going forward, Alan believes its:  “reaching goals and bettering myself that interests me, also respect and discipline, although at times there’s few things I say people don’t like and think its disrespectful, but it’s just the truth”.

Philpott has in his career defeated two men under the CWFC banner, each by stoppage. He finished Kris Edwards at CWFC 49 by Rear Naked Choke in the opening stanza, returning in March of 2013 to TKO Liam James in the third at CWFC 52.

Whilst discussing his next bout with the promotion, “The Apprentice” stated: “To be honest I don’t know what the deal is with CWFC, I had a fight on a different show and got offered to top opponents to fight, I would of loved them fights, but I wasn’t ready and I was contracted, I haven’t herd since I got beat my last fight, so don’t know what’s going to happen.

In terms of an opponent, Philpott already has his target: “ I’d like to fight Jean N Doye I called him out few times and heard nothing, he seems to be one of the lighter weights that’s getting recognition so would be good to beat him. Apart from that any bantamweight”.

CWFC are holding a four man bantamweight tournament to decide a new bantamweight champion at CWFC 59 in Cardiff, Philpott’s thoughts are as follows:

“Yeah heard about it and four great fighters, was surprised James Brum wasn’t involved though, I’d gave any of the tournament guys a tough fight and would of won that I know myself, others have said they feel I should been in it, but I don’t care as long I get to fight don’t care where it’s at.”

Philpott is coming off of a loss, by Guillotine Choke to Damien Rooney in May. From a mental perspective, Philpott believes he has moved on and is stronger for it:

“I like to better myself and I want get to the top, I’m young and have achieved a good bit already and I’m only 20, so knowing I have all the time in the world helps me keep going to I get where I want to be, also will create a better life for me and my family”.

Considering the mental game, Philpott has had to deal with a change in opponent, a thought he merely brushes off:  “This is now my 4th opponent, at this stage it doesn’t matter who I get thrown in with, I’m going to make it my fight, I know my guy strong and was a two time Judo champ and wrestling, I’m ready for whatever comes at me”.

Philpott’s broke down his next opponent, undefeated Robert Skujins (5-2) at Clan Wars 16 and concluded that: “I’m better in all areas I’ve saw a little bit of footage and I know he’s dangerous but he hasn’t fought anyone like me and I’m going to show a lot more than I have in my previous fights. I’m going to break my opponent down and finish him.”

Motivation is black and white in Philpott’s mind: “Coming off a loss I’m hungrier to get the win, beating this guy puts me back up there, and possibly a Clan Wars title shot. With Clan Wars taking over the MMA scene over here, it will be a great achievement to fight for the number one title, and it’s the big one I want not the Northern Irish or Irish but the Clan Wars one”.

As for losing?  “Losing isn’t an option for me right now, but it’s MMA all it takes is one mistake, I’ll always bounce back win lose or draw”.

By Jack Walsh @therealoverhand

Owner/Editor of Writer, Podcaster, Producer of 'Notorious: Conor McGregor' film, 'Conor McGregor: Notorious' TV series, 'Ten Thousand Hours', 'The Fighting Irish' and more documentary films.