How to Start Betting on UFC Fights

Successful UFC betting is simplified with a strong understanding of the sport and familiarity with diverse betting markets. Before crafting MMA betting strategies, it’s essential to grasp how markets influence predictions on the best UFC betting sites. With numerous betting options available, you can predict the event’s winner, estimate the fight’s duration, and explore prop bets. 

To navigate UFC betting effectively, you must understand the odds and formats of the Ultimate Fighting Championship market. These odds vary in size based on the likelihood of the event, and understanding them is essential for determining potential payouts on winning bets.

For instance, American UFC odds feature (-) and (+) signs, where the former indicates the favorite and the latter signifies the underdog. It’s worth noting that MMA odds formats can differ between sports betting sites, but UFC betting through the Betway app ensures competitive odds. Ideally, a top-notch bookie should offer various odds types, such as decimal, fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and more.

Popular UFC Bets

When engaging in UFC betting, it’s essential to be familiar with various betting options to enhance your enjoyment of any fight. Among the popular markets is round betting, where you predict the winning fighter and the number of rounds the event will last. Other notable betting options include:

Outright (Winner) Bets: This straightforward market involves betting on the fighter expected to win. Despite its simplicity, achieving success in Outright Winner bets requires thorough research.

Over/Under Rounds: This bet involves predicting the total number of rounds before a winner is declared. You don’t need to specify the exact number but rather predict whether it will be Over or Under a particular figure, such as Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 rounds.

Method of Victory: This market requires predicting how the winner will defeat their opponent, whether by knockout, decision, or submission.

Props: Props betting lets you predict non-result-affecting events, allowing for unique wagers. Examples include predicting if a certain fighter will go the distance or if the fight will finish within a specific time frame.

Long-term Wagers (Future Bets): UFC long-term wagers or future bets are common and often feature events scheduled to occur in the future. Examples include betting on the UFC Men’s Bantamweight Champion Winner, UFC Flyweight Futures Betting Odds Winner, and UFC Men’s Featherweight Champion Winner. These bets often come with attractive odds, although they may lack extensive statistics for research. To get the most out of these picks, check what Betway and other reputable sites have to offer in terms of odds.

Understanding and exploring these diverse betting options can add layers of excitement and strategy to your UFC betting experience.

Helpful Tips and Strategies for UFC Betting

To boost your chances of success in UFC betting, consider these key strategies:

  • Seek the Best Odds: Compare fight odds and choose bookmakers with the best prices. Platforms like Oddspedia can assist in comparing UFC odds from various sites.
  • Follow UFC Tipsters: Increase your predictive accuracy by following knowledgeable UFC tipsters. Utilize resources like Oddspedia to find high-hit-rate tipsters.
  • Take Small Wins: In the unpredictable world of sports betting, pocketing consistent small wins can enhance your enjoyment and mitigate disappointments.
  • Utilize Bonuses: Maximize your experience by taking advantage of bookmakers’ bonuses and promotions, such as free bets and cashback offers. Review terms and conditions before activating any promotion.

Incorporate these strategies to approach UFC betting with a more informed and strategic mindset, enhancing both enjoyment and success in the sport, but most importantly, ensure that you bet with a reputable bookmaker like Betway.

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