How can you boost your endurance levels to survive a beating in MMA?


The 2010 Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen fight was one of the biggest comebacks we have seen in the UFC –and arguably in the MMA world.

Silva was the clear favorite of some of the biggest bookmakers, who you can learn more about on Meta reviews. While Silva ultimately triumphed, he received a terrific beating from Sonnen, even getting knocked down in the first round. 

Battered mercilessly, Silva displayed remarkable endurance to stay on to the last round and execute a historic comeback. 

Yes, there are fights in MMA that you will take a beating as you can’t always dominate every single opponent from start to finish. But how can you then upgrade your stamina and resilience when fighting? 

Top tips for boosting your endurance levels in MMA

The following tips can help you gain stamina and endurance as a mixed martial artist.

Go on Road Walks

Road walks appear simple at first, but as you travel further, you will discover how they affect your body. Set a daily distance goal for yourself and purposefully increase the distance on successive trips.

It may seem difficult to challenge your boundaries, but your body and mind will become accustomed to the increased distance with time.

Ultimately, the goal is to condition your body and mind to become more adaptable, not only to complete the distance.

As a result, your ring endurance will improve because your body and mind are now more suited to endure long periods of exertion. 

Eat Healthily

As a fighter, you can’t just dump anything into your mouth. You need to choose your food carefully. This is because the proper amount of calories provides you with the energy to fight for a longer time.

Sugary foods don’t cut it. Instead, ensure that you receive enough protein and vegetables in the proper proportions in your diet. 

Additionally, avoid consuming alcohol, especially when preparing for a fight, as it might deplete your energy.

Increase your protein and vegetable intake to bulk up your calories over the weeks leading up to the fight. To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. 

Do more Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts aid in the loss of unhealthy fat and the development of a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and adequate muscular mass in the needed areas. 

Concentrate on accomplishing this during your workout because the right body and muscle mass function as a shock absorber, allowing you to sustainably take powerful strikes from your opponent without wobbling.

Thankfully, even without gym equipment, some of these workouts are simple to complete. Skipping, pushups, and jumping jacks are among them.

Engage the punching bags and conduct rope slams to make it more intense. 

Reduce the amount of time you spend resting between sessions

When you’re doing physical training in preparation for a fight, you’ll take a break now and then to catch your breath and recuperate.

You can improve your stamina and endurance by consistently reducing the time you rest between sets.

You can gradually reduce it from a 10-minute break to an 8-minute break until you are through for the day. 

Always remember not to overextend yourself. Instead, observe how your body responds to each alteration before making another.

Mental preparation is ideal

Building stamina and endurance isn’t just a physical endeavor; having the appropriate mindset and mental preparation can help you achieve your goals.

Avoid negative thinking and remind yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

As a fighter, you should surround yourself with the ideal group of champions as friends. This will motivate you to achieve your goal of becoming a champion.

Since we’re in a digital environment, you can also watch movies of colleagues who persevered until the finish and triumphed despite all circumstances.

As you practice these, your mind is conditioned, and you become more confident in your ability to take all strikes in the ring and fight till the end.

Study your opponent

Before a bout in the MMA world, every contender knows who their opponent is. As a result, in addition to your physical and mental preparation, you should research your opponent before each battle.

This will allow you to anticipate how your opponent will strike, allowing you to receive the strike and unleash a counterattack.

Successful strike prediction can also aid in proper defense as you parry away hits to your body. 

This will enable you to save much-needed energy and stay standing long enough for victory.

After studying your opponent, practice their fight patterns with a sparring partner to get you accustomed to their models.


Aside from skill, endurance and stamina are vital resources for success in an MMA fight. Even when skill is lacking, these two can prove helpful as you stretch out your opponents till they give up.

But how do you build endurance and stamina? We hope this article does justice, explaining valuable tips on how MMA fighters can build their endurance and stamina.

Severe MMA Staff

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