PFL 2021 #3: Regular Season Results

The PFL held their first round matchups for the heavyweight and lightweight divisions on Thursday night. Below are the results.

Magomed Umalatov def. Kyron Bowen via KO/TKO (2nd Round)

This was not a tournament bout, it was a showcase fight. Umalatov was in top control for much of the first and hurt Bowen towards the end of the round with some hammerfists. Bowen didn’t recover during the break and Umalatov got the quick finish in the second with an overhand right.

Taylor Guardado def. Olena Kolesnyk via Unanimous Decision

Guardado’s grappling won this fight. Not an awful lot of action but enough to win it on the cards. Kolesnyk was deducted a point in second for an eye gouge.

Denis Goltsov def. Mo DeReese via KO/TKO (1st Round)

DeReese was a late replacement for Justin Willis in this one after Willis failed his medical. This was a one sided affair. Goltsov was hurting DeReese on the feet with his kicks at all levels. He eventually dragged him down and won via ground and pound.

Genah Fabian def. Laura Sanchez via Unanimous Decision

This was a bit of a clinch battle which suited Fabian’s style more. She takes the win on the cards 30-27.

Kaitlin Young def. Cindy Dandois via Unanimous Decision

Young was able to keep this on the feet for the majority of the fight and won it with her footwork. She was able to outstrike Dandois but there was one scare in the third where Dandois had a high arm guillotine locked in, however Young fought the hands and escaped.

Bruno Cappelozza def. Ante Delija via KO/TKO (Round 1)

This was a wild one. Delija was winning the striking early doors until Cappelozza clipped him on the ear. It then turned into a Rock Em Sock Em affair and Cappelozza switched off Delija’s lights.

Larissa Pacheco def. Julija Pajić via KO/TKO (Round 1)

Pacheco landed a big left hand in the first exchange that put Pajić on her backside. From there Pacheco reigned down the ground and pound to finish it within a minute.

Brandon Sayles def. Mohammed Usman via Technical Submission (Round 2)

Sayles edged the first round with a good technical approach, picking Usman off. The heat picked up quickly in the second with Sayles knocking Usman down twice before putting Usman to sleep with a rear naked choke. Fight of the night.

Kayla Harrison def. Mariana Morais via KO/TKO (Round 1)

Domination for Harrison. She got the clinch by the cage and tripped Morais to get her down. From there she got into full mount easily and finished it with vicious ground and pound.

Renan Ferreira def. Fabrício Werdum via KO/TKO (Round 1)

Controversy reigns in this one. Werdum had a triangle locked in midway through the first. It appeared Ferreira tapped out however the referee didn’t see it. Ferreira then landed some heavy blows to Werdum which made him release the sub and finished with more punches.

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