KSW 52 Results & Review

KSW 52 took place at Arena Gliwice, Poland on Saturday night. It turned out to be an action packed event with lots of early finishes.

Scott Askham def. Mamed Khalidov via unanimous decision

Askham put on a shutout grappling performance in this one. Khalidov only threatened briefly, in particular a leg lock attempt in the first which won him the round on 2 judges scorecards. The rest of the fight was mostly spent with Askham in Khalidov’s guard, with Askham doing enough to stay busy to not get stood up. It was a very intelligent performance by the Englishman and he called out Narkun post fight for the light heavyweight title.

Szymon Kołecki def. Damian Janikowski via TKO (punches), round 2

Janikowski did well early on, hitting a couple of trademark suplexes. He dominated the grappling exchanges as expected, however got more and more dragged into a slug fest. Kołecki was able to rock Janikowski and finish with a flurry. Marc Goddard called this perfectly, allowing Janikowski every chance to stay in the fight, but Kołecki kept rocking him.

Champion Salahdine Parnasse def. Ivan Buchinger via unanimous decision

Parnasse put on a clinic in this one, winning all 5 rounds. His striking was very fluid, he moved with a swagger, his takedown defence was perfect. Buchinger didn’t have any answers for Parnasse at all. We will likely see Parnasse in the UFC next.

Shamil Musaev def. Grzegorz Szulakowski via TKO (spinning back fist & punches), round 1

Another highlight reel finish in this one. Musaev connected with a spinning back fist and followed in with a punch to finish. Musaev called out Welterweight champion Roberto Soldic post fight.

Karolina Owczarz def. Aleksandra Rola via submission (triangle choke), round 2

This was a very competitive fight. Owczarz showed a lot of improvement in her grappling game, almost winning via guillotine and armbar, before eventually getting the tap via triangle.

Artur Sowinski def. Vinicius Bohrer via TKO (headkick & punches), round 1

This was the 4th 1st round finish in a row on the card. Sowinski hit Bohrer with a head kick and finished it up with a punch combination after 52 seconds.

Michał Michalski def. Albert Odzimkowski via TKO (punches), round 1

This was a fun fight while it lasted with both men being knocked down early, before Michalski walked Odzimkowski to the cage and finished via ground and pound.

Maciej Kazieczko def.  Michael Dubois via KO (punch), round 1

Kazieczko knocked out Dubois in spectacular fashion with a clean right hand after 24 seconds. Dubois had to be stretchered out, but thankfully was not majorly hurt.

Michał Włodarek def. Srđan Marović via KO (punch), round 1

Włodarek made short work of Marović, scoring a knock down against the cage and finishing with ground and pound after 34 seconds.

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