Ian McCall reveals he was given an exemption for two IV bags before UFC 208

Ian McCall revealed earlier this evening on Joe Rogan’s ‘Fight Companion’ Podcast that officials provided him with an exemption to use the two IV bags with the possibility of still fighting later that weekend.

McCall explained how he had been enjoying the “easiest weight-cut” of his career in the lead-up to his scheduled fight with American Jarred Brook, however a sudden-bout of sickness prompted officials to act several hours before the bout was scheduled to take place.

“I woke up Saturday at 131 [lbs], so I’d only gained 4 pounds because the UFC gave me two IV bags.”

Joe Rogan quizzed McCall on the UFC providing him with IV bags for recovery, something the promotion banned due to health and safety precautions protecting fighters from potential dehydration and PED masking issues mid-way through 2016, McCall went onto claim:

“They were doing it as a precaution, because either way I was going to need it. I got some sort of an exemption but I didn’t even have to use it in the end because I got pulled from the fight.”

McCall went onto confirm that it was UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky that gave him to go-ahead to use the IVs.

You can see the full video podcast below:

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