John Kavanagh: “We’re going to do most of our training here in Dublin”


John Kavanagh’s latest column for the42 looks forward to Conor McGregor’s December 12th battle with Jose Aldo.

Kavanagh expressed his pleasure at the placement of the bout in Vegas over the rumoured Dallas, Texas by saying “We have a system in place there now: a house we can stay in, a gym we can train at, we know the routes, we know the venue.”

The SBG Ireland head coach also revealed that the bulk of the training camp would be in Dublin this time around

“This time we’re going to do most of our training here in Dublin, before flying to Vegas about four weeks out from the fight.

Doing such a long camp over there for the last fight was an interesting experience, but now we’ll do most of the training here at home.” He said.

Kavanagh discussed the difference that the new IV ban will make to McGregor’s weight cut but Kavanagh’s research has left him confident that it won’t make a difference

“I now have a process that we’re going to use; basically, it will be oral hydration but with the exact same impact, so the ban is really of no consequence.”

“The IV is nice because with it being a needle in the arm, the fighter is free to talk and eat simultaneously so it doesn’t really interfere. But when it comes to medical patients, it’s really only used when they’re unable to drink. If they’re able to drink and you know what you’re doing, it makes no difference.

The plan was to go up to the lightweight division soon anyway, but the move from IV to oral hydration has nothing at all to do with that.”

Finally, Kavanagh addressed the fans that are eager to see Gunnar Nelson compete at UFC Dublin.

“A couple of welterweights have been offered that fight, but apparently they had a baptism or a haircut scheduled for that day so unfortunately it couldn’t happen.”

He said and concluded that hopefully a fight will be finalised in the near future.