Peter Queally defeats Francois Kabulu at EFC 35


It was an impressive return to action for Ireland’s Peter Queally this evening as he made his debut for African promotion EFC Worldwide in Cape Town, South Africa. The SBG student was put in against tough grinder Francois Kabulu but was more than a match for the man fighting in his home country.

Queally looked loose from the start and attacked his opponent with a quick combination of strikes. Almost immediately, though, Kabulu went for the takedown and pushed Queally against the cage. The next three minutes were spent with the South African working on a single leg against the fence but Queally was immovable. The referee was eventually forced to break them up and Queally ended the round by landing a number of hard leg kicks.

Queally started the second as he ended the first and punished the legs of Kabulu with devastating kicks. Kabulu tried for the takedown again but Queally turned the tables and got his man on the mat instead. The Irishman controlled well on the ground, passing to half guard before taking the back as the bell sounded.

The third was an important round to take and Queally left it in no doubt. Kabulu came out strong but was again taken down and back mounted before returning to his feet with Queally still attached. The Irishman wasn’t letting go, though, and dragged his opponent down again before working on a rear naked choke which Kabulu did well to avoid. As the seconds ticked down Queally landed some serious damage but Kabulu hung on to see the final bell.

In the end the judges scored the unanimous decision (29-28, 30-28, 30-27) for Peter Queally; breaking the five fight winning streak of Francois Kabulu. It was an ultra impressive debut for Queally who will now look to kick on towards the EFC worldwide welterweight title.

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