Hendo won? Shogun won? A Draw? How did you have it?

After Saturday’s fight of the year or even decade canditate, Shogun feels that his UFC 139 bout with Dan Henderson should have been scored a draw and says that he would like a rematch.

“It certainly was a great fight. I do not know how the judges scored the final round. It should have been 10-8 for me. But that takes nothing away from Dan Henderson,” Shogun Rua said while talking to UOL after the fight.

“He is a legend and one of those fighters who have created a legacy, but I want revenge. I think [a rematch] would be another great battle and the public wants to see it.”

He’s not the only one who had it scored a draw. Dana White confirmed via Twitter that he had scored it 47-47 also.

Number 1 Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen and Light-Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones both had it 48-47 for Shogun.

Maybe Dana and Joe Silva will opt to go for the instant rematch, however I think they may put this in their back pocket for a future date.

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