20 Bold Predictions For 2024

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Sean and Graeme discuss the bold predictions! Scroll down if you want to read! Podcast below too!

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1. Le defeats Zuffa

2. PFL discontinues the Bellator brand 
3. MVP signs for the UFC
4. MVP headlines an Irish card
5. Brian Stann signs on as a PFL executive
6. Paul Hughes signs with PFL
7. Michael Chandler knocks out Conor McGregor 
8. Tom Aspinall fights for the interim heavyweight title twice 
9. PFL purchase Invicta FC to run as a series of women’s tournaments
10. Two Nurmagomedovs hold major MMA titles at the same time. 
11. Two Irish fighters hold major MMA titles at the same time. 
12. UFC announce split broadcast rights between 2 or more broadcasting outlets 
13. Tom Breese wins PFL tournament 
14. UFC employs a new matchmaker
15. Francis Ngannou loses a boxing bout and an MMA fight
16. Lazy King wins PFL tournament 
17. James Sheehan wins Cage Warriors welterweight title
18. A UFC champion will leave the UFC while champion 
19. Dana White has a major professional disagreement with TKO
20. PFL purchase ONE Championship 


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