The Auld Triangle: Episode 12 with Joe Duffy

Episode 12 of The Auld Triangle podcast and the lads are joined by former UFC lightweight Joe Duffy. Joe speaks about his mixed martials arts career which spanned over twelve years. The Donegal man also talks about his retirement from the sport, Conor McGregor rivalry, career reflection and more.

The lads also talk Cage Warriors Belfast, Ireland’s 4-Nations success, Centurion FC, Ian Garry’s UFC win, Lee Hammond, Shauna Bannon and all the goings on in Irish MMA.

The link to the Soundcloud audio version is below, you can also find the audio version on Spotify, iTunes and all other podcast platforms.

Ian O'Neill is a Kilkenny man living in Canada. You can catch him on Twitter most of the time talking all things MMA. Follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @ioneillmma.