VIDEO: Ian Garry Shines With Highlight-Reel Finish At Cage Warriors 115

Image Credit: Dolly Clew / Cage Warriors

Ian Garry extended his unbeaten record on Friday night with a highlight-reel standing TKO over George McManus in the 2nd round of their welterweight matchup on Cage Warriors 116 in Manchester.

The Team KF fighter opened the contest with a series of leg kicks that seemed to stifle McManus’ movement. After a tentative first couple of minutes with Garry edging McManus in the striking exchanges, the Englishman was able to clinch with Garry, pressing the action against the cage. Garry’s defensive grappling stalled the action, and though McManus attempted a hip toss, it was the Irishman who ended up in top position when the fight transitioned to the canvas. From there, McManus went searching for leg lock submissions, but the BJJ purple belt was unsuccessful, and it was Garry who landed the repeated hard blows as the round came to a close. 10-9 Garry.

Round 2 started tentatively yet again, with McManus taking the center of the cage. Garry circled out of McManus’ advances and began to unload in the striking department, landing a number of heavy leg kicks and hard right hands on McManus. “The Future” utilized his feints very well, forcing McManus to bite on them before countering with damaging strikes, which bloodied McManus’ face. After that, it was all Garry. The Dubliner backed his opponent up against the cage and repeatedly landed powerful jabs from the orthodox stance. A big head kick from Garry forced McManus to cover up, providing Garry an opening to rip hooks to his opponent’s body. McManus displayed a granite chin to withstand the barrage of strikes unleashed by Garry, but after another flush head kick landed, referee Daniel Movahedi stepped in to wave off the action and confirm a stoppage victory for Ian Garry.

The impressive performance put the world on notice, including ESPN’s Ariel Helwani who noted that “Ian Garry is a name worth remembering.”

While Garry’s nickname is “The Future”, it’s certainly starting to feel like the Irish prospect is in fact “The Present.”

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