Well, Here’s the Good News

Photo by Andy Cowan for SevereMMA

It’s not all doom and gloom in the MMA world. With talks of fight islands and events taking place during a pandemic it has been a testing time for the sport. But it’s not all bad. Some members of the MMA community have been doing some great things and announcing great personal news. It’s important, especially in these strange times to stay positive. We have decided to help keep that positivism flowing the best that we can.

Here are some good news stories from the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Terry Brazier shares his story of suffering from PTSD and brings some awareness to his issues and those who may be suffering from other mental health issues.

Last week we shared how Team KF we doing great work for the Jigsaw. Jigsaw Ireland’s leading charity to help out youths with mental health issues. The fruits of that labour csn been seen this week. Team Kf raised over 5000 euro. Phenomenal effort by all.

Not necessarily good news but if this petition were to take off it would be fantastic news. To have MMA recognised as an Olympic sport would be huge on Irish soil and for all MMA practitioners around the world. Sign the petition and make it happen. I know I’d take some Olympic MMA ahead of speed walking any day. Sorry to all the speed walkers out there!

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