Exclusive Interview: Conor McGregor Dismisses “Mad Narrative” That Irish Support Has Diminished As “Baloney”

In his first exclusive interview with Severe MMA in almost 4 years, the “Notorious” Conor McGregor spoke with Seán Sheehan this evening ahead of his main event match-up against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone this Saturday, January 18th at UFC 246 in Las Vegas, NV.

When McGregor was asked by Sheehan for his thoughts on a potential drop in the level of support he is receiving in Ireland, the former UFC double-champ responded:

“It’s all baloney, man!”

“I walk the streets, and there’s nothing but love and support. The real people know. I come to fight, I come to entertain, and I come to put on a show for the fans. I do a lot for my community, and that’s it. I wish everyone well trying to spread mad narratives like that, and that’s it.”

Sheehan also asked the former two-weight UFC and Cage Warriors champion about the notion of him being surrounded by yes-men. McGregor vigorously disagreed.

“These people do not know what they are talking about.”

“How dare they say the people in my camp are yes-men.”

“The people in my camp are absolute masters, tacticians, master tacticians and master technicians, across all ranges. Leaders among men are in my camp. You know what I mean? It’s just all baloney now. I just stopped paying attention to all that. Trust me when I tell ya, I do not have “yes” men. We’re all on this journey together, and we all understand. We all understand what’s needed to be done.”

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Watch a clip of the interview HERE

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