Lobov responds to Magomedshapirov call out: “I’ll be ready to go in November, again. I hope he is.”

Artem Lobov says he is ready to fight Zabit Magomedshapirov in November. “The Russian Hammer” is set to face Andre Fili on October 21st in Gdansk, Poland and wants an immediate turn around against Magomedshapirov, sometime in November.

Many of the featherweights on the UFC roster have called out Lobov on social media and in post-fight interviews. John Makdessi, Gray Maynard, Jared Gordon and Robert Whiteford have called out Lobov, to name but a few. “The Russian Hammer” says he loves the call outs, and is going to answer every one of them. Starting with Magomedshapirov.

“I love it, call me out, I want to fight. Trust me, I would have been fighting a lot more, that’s not my call. Trust me, I could have had twenty fights in the UFC by this stage. I love all the call-outs, and I’m ready to answer every single one of them. I never in my life have turned down a fight, and I never will. “

Magomedshapirov called out Lobov after a submission victory over Mike Santiago in his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 115 in Rotterdam. Lobov says he is unfazed and hopes that Zabit honours the call out. Lobov says he will be ready to face the Dagestan native in November after his upcoming bout with Fili in Gdansk.

“That doesn’t bother me. I just hope that he steps up to his call out, because like I said; I’ll be ready to go in November, again. I hope he is. I hope he sticks up to his word. People get emotional in that Octagon after a win. His first win in the UFC. He sees all the lights, the big letters – UFC, and the adrenaline rushes to his head, and before he knows it he’s calling my name, then goes back in the locker room and goes: ‘Ohh, shit. This cunt isn’t going to leave me alone.’ He’s right. I will not leave him alone. I’ll sure as hell be calling him out after my next fight. When I beat Fili, I’ll be speaking his name saying, ‘where are you now?’ I hope he sticks up to his word, and takes the fight.”

The SBG Ireland featherweight says he isn’t impressed with the former ACB featherweight champion’s skill set, and says he will not leave him alone after the call out was made back at UFC Fight Night 115.

“Not Really, no. Record quite padded, too. He took certain fights just to look good. He lost to a fighter Peter Queally beat on a Russian promotion, Fight Nights. He lost by armbar, to that guy.”

Lobov says he sees Nurmagomedshapirov’s inexperience as a major fault and that naivety is shown when he implements his ‘flashy’ skills. Stating that using such tactics are nothing more then a waste of energy.

“You know, he was given an easy enough fight, his first fight in the UFC. You can see that he hasn’t been in there with proper, solid fighters, even all that flashy shit that he was doing; jumping off the cage in the middle of the fight. A true fighter knows you don’t allow yourself to waste energy like this, in a real fight, you just don’t. It’s just a waste of energy, that’s all I see. You can maybe do that at the end of the fight, like Anthony Pettis done before. When you don’t have to persevere your energy but in the middle of the fight, that shows to me inexperience.”

While Lobov remains focused on taking out Andre Fili next month. He believes the Nick Catone MMA fighter has never been in the Octagon with someone like him. Lobov says he is relishing the challenge of putting it on Magomedshapirov.

“This kid hasn’t been in there with somebody like me. He doesn’t know what he is in for. When I’m in there and I put it on him, and he does all his flashy shit, and I’m still in his face, ready to spark him. He’ll know all about it. So, I’m looking forward to taking on that challenge. Get Fili out of the way, and then get him. “

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