James Gallagher: I’ll walk through the guy, show people what I’m really capable of

Highly touted Irish MMA prospect James Gallagher appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani earlier this week. A number of topics where broached on the show, primarily focusing on the Irishman’s issues with AJ McKee.

Gallagher explained how the issues stem back to his December 2016 victory over Anthony Taylor.

“During the build-up to the fight, there was a confrontation in the gym between me and Anthony, AJ was there for his team mate but didn’t say anything, just kept his head down until on the way out he looked at me and said “you’re coming next”.”

Gallagher informed Helwani that shortly following the spat, McKee was quick to apologise to him and claimed that McKee was acting as though he was his “best mate,” however things took another turn when McKee supposedly revealed his team mates game plan for the upcoming bout.

“Later, he was staying in the hotel directly opposite me and he knocked and tried to come in and be my best mate. Then he started telling me Anthony’s game plan and I was sat there looking at him like this is the biggest pussy I’ve ever met in my life.”

Gallagher also said that McKee claimed he would “smash” Conor McGregor: “He asks if I train with Conor and I go yes, he goes oh I’d smash that guy, I went no you wouldn’t, Conor would knock you out cold, and then he kinda looked at me and realized I’m not like that, I stick up for the people that have got my back. He doesn’t, he’s a little, bitch.”

Gallagher went on to explain that it was from here the issues began, and thus the reason for calling McKee out, following his impressive submission win over Israeli, Kirill Medvedosky.

Gallagher and Helwani also touched on the reasoning behind Bellator MMA moving his upcoming bout with Brazilian, Chinzo Machida from Bellator’s London card to their Madison Square Garden debut.  

“I saw on Twitter somewhere that Bellator announced they were holding a card in Madison Square Garden and a friend of mine, a boxer from Ireland, Nick Cromwell, was coming up to his fight on St Patrick’s day and it was building, I seen that and I just texted Bellator to get me on the MSG card. I’ve basically headlined two shows, do me a favour and get me on the MSG card.”

Gallagher revealed the confidence he has going into the fight with Machida, feeling that it’s a good match for his current abilities.

“It’s perfect. I’ll fight anyone they put in front of me, it doesn’t matter to me, I’ll go in and fight, it’s what I do, it’s my job, it doesn’t matter who it is. But this one really excites me, I looked up to his brother when I first got into MMA/UFC, he was the karate guy and I was learning karate at the time. I just feel it’s right, I’m only 20 and the match-up is ideal, I’ve got a task at hand, but I feel I’m going to go in and walk through the guy, show people what I’m really capable of.”

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