Shock N’ Awe 24 – Live Coverage

We’re live at Portsmouth’s Mountbatten centre for Shock N’ Awe 24, headlined by a bout between Chay Ingram & Andy Kerr for the 170lb title. Coverage begins @ 5:00PM GMT.

That’s it for our coverage of Shock N’ Awe 24. Thanks for following along. Results below:

Welterweight title: Andy Kerr (c) vs. Chay Ingram
Andy Kerr wins via submission from guillotine choke at 2:46 of the 3rd rd.

Rd 1: (10-9) Kerr opens up slightly more active with his striking, although it’s a close round between the two.

Rd 2: (20-18) Kerr manages to score a take-down early on lifting Ingram off his feet and dumping him to the floor, following on from the grounded position Kerr opens up his opponent with a elbow, leaving a large cut above the eye of Ingram. Chay has some minor success later in the round in the clinch, however not enough to score him the win.

Rd 3: Kerr picks up the win via submission mid-way through the 3rd round via guillotine choke. Impressive victory for Kerr.

Catchweight (74.5kgs): Chris Tallis vs. Tyler Thomas
Chris Tallis wins via unanimous decision, all three judges score the bout (30-27)

Rd 1: (10-9) Thomas successfully scores with a take-down early, however causes little damage from it, Tallis manages to stand-up whilst mounted against the wall reverse and take Thomas down to the floor and lands some strikes.

Rd 2: (20-18) Tallis takes Thomas to the floor and spends the entire round in-control. However really doesn’t offer anything else. Poor round. Poor fight so far.

Rd 3: (30-27) Tallis again dominates the round, but little action.

Flyweight: Carlos Do Carmo Motta vs. Samir Faiddine.
Carlos Do Carmo Motta wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
Rd 1: (10-9) Very close round, both guys having their moments early on, Motta came out at the start of the round with a flying knee, delivering lackluster damage. Both guys landing some powerful strikes. Difficult to score a winner.
Rd 2: (20-18) Really entertaining round, both guys throwing strikes with intent. Faddine lands a successful spinning backfist, however Motta shrugs it off. Motta marginally more succesful with his striking in that round and takes the points for me.

Rd 3: (30-27) Motta lands a huge overhand strike that forces Faiddine to the floor, from there Motta manages to take mount of his opponent delivering strikes to the face/body. Faiddine escapes and both guys start swinging for the fences. Both guys celebrate as the bout ends. Motta takes the points in my eyes for his ground control for a good proportion of the round.

Best fight on the card so far this evening.

Strawweight: Jade Barker vs. Sofie Langsford
Sofie Langsford wins via TKO from strikes in the 2nd round.

Rd1:  (9-10) Local fan favorite Jade Barker has a ton of support behind her here from the vocal crowd. A close opening round contested between the two, with a take-down for both competitors making it difficult to score. Langsford getting the slight upper-hand in control on the floor.

Rd 2: Barker starts the round of successfully, attempting 2 submissions from the floor but doesn’t quite manage to pull them off, Langsford impressively manages to escape and gain the mount on-top of Barker, before finishing the fight with strikes, picking up her first ever professional win.
Bantamweight: Nicholas Fielding vs. Andrew Mendes
Nicholas Fielding wins via DQ due to Mendes not keeping his fist closed during bout. 

Rd 1: (9-9) Mendes is marginally in control of the fight and slightly more effective with both his striking and defense than his opponent. Mendes get’s deducted a point for not closing his fists during the bout. Referee had previously warned him before deducting the point.

Rd 2: Bizarrely Mendes continues to fight with an open fist. Get’s deducted another point by the ref. His corner are furious. Fight is stopped as Mendes continues to fight without keeping his fists closed. Personally disagree with that stoppage, didn’t see it a 2nd time. Poor decision.


Catchweight (60kgs): Michael Daguiar vs. Kane Goldup
Michael Daguiar wins via submission with a heel-hook in 1:50 of the 1st round.

Rd 1: Daguiar completely dominates the fight and after one previously failed submission attempt in the round, successfully locks a heel-hook to take home the win.
Amateur featherweight title: Alex Bodnar (c) vs. Alex Box
Alex Box wins the SNA Amateur featherweight title via submission with a triangle choke the 1:01 3rd round.
Very even bout, with the triangle choke finish seemingly coming out of an unlikely situation. Big win for Box whilst Bodnar looked devastated leaving the cage.
Amateur flyweight title: Elliott Hoye vs. Ashley Kilvington
Ashley Kilvington wins the SNA amateur flyweight title via unanimous decision with all 3 judges socring the bout 29-28.
Back and forth fight, with both competitors having successful moments throughout. Kilvington probably just did enough on the floor to secure him the title.
Amateur light-heavyweight: Gareth Hales vs. James Bakes
Gareth Hales wins via TKO with strikes at 1:35 of the 2nd round.
Controversial finish as Hales although dominating the 2nd round, looked likely of putting Bakes away, a clean strike to the back of Bakes head during Hales flurry of strikes has Bakes asking the referee questions.  Otherwise Hales deserved the win.
No-gi grappling (U65kgs): Jack Sear vs. Phil Harris
Phil Harris picks up the win via armbar.
Credit to Jack Sear who put in a good effort for just 3 days notice.
Amateur featherweight: Noredine Nedjai vs. Jake Mcevoy
Noredine Nejai picks up a submission win via rear-naked choke in 2:25 of the 1st round.
Dominant, controlled win from Nedjai who never looked in any danger of losing. Could have won the bout minutes earlier when delivering strikes on the ground, before his Mcevoy gave up the back and lost via submission.
Amateur middleweight: Sam Parkinson vs. James Padula
James Padula wins a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the bout 29-28.
A bout largely contested on the ground, unfortunately didn’t deliver much in the way of action, Padula controlled more of the fight likely contributing to his UD victory.
Amateur featherweight: Cameron Hardy vs. Denny Sheehan
Cameron Hardy picks up the win via TKO with strikes in 2:43 of the 1st round.
Dominant performance from Hardy who controlled the fight before landing a number of significant blows to the heads of Sheehan up-against the corner of the cage.
Amateur welterweight: Chris Wilson vs. Seb Gardner
Seb Gardner wins via KO with a right-hook to the head.
Gardner wins with a huge right-hook to the head of Wilson, early in the 2nd round.
Amateur bantamweight: Anthony Jackody vs. Max Renouf
Anthony Jackody picks up the win via TKO in the 1st round. 
Jackody utalised quick movement, landing few,  yet effective kicks and punches to force Renouf to the floor, before the referee quickly intervened and stopped the fight. Seconds prior to the stoppage Jackody had done clearly hurt Renouf with a body-shot.
Amateur lightweight: Alex Maxwell vs. Pawel Czyzewski
Alex Maxwell wins via KO with stirkes to the head.
Impressive performence from Maxwell who threw a number of powerful combinations, before a strike to Czyzewski’s nose stunned him, leaving Maxwell an open oppertunity to finish the fight, doing so in empthatic style. Arguably a late stoppage. Czyzewski was clearly out from the strike to the nose.Amateur catchweight (77kgs): James Wark vs. Jamie George
James Wark wins via unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it 29-28.
Good bout, George arguably more effective with his striking in the 1st, however Wark weathered the storm and had a strong 2nd and 3rd round to pick up the win.Amateur flyweight: Ollie Southern vs. Tommy Clarke
Ollie Southern picks up the unanimous decision win, two judges giving him the nod 29-28, one judge scored it 29-28 to Clarke.
Really entertaining bout, both competitors came out right off the block swinging. All three rounds where very close, result could have gone either way without complaint from anyone in the building.
Amateur featherweight: Alex Abbott vs. Robbie Disirens
Robbie Disirens wins via unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-25.  
A very one sided affair, with Disirens bloodying/potentially breaking Abbott’s nose in the 1st. Disirens then went on to control the rest of the fight on the ground.
Semi-pro K1 77kgs: Caspian Kingdon vs. Dawid Fabisiak
Caspian Kingdon picks up the win via unanimous decision.

Amateur bantamweight: Adam Conroy vs. Ben Iontton
Adam Conroy wins via TKO in 1:34 of the 2nd round.
Conroy with a really dominant display, comfertably finishing the fight in 2nd.
Amateur bantamweight: Kieran Loveday vs. Ed Sheehan
Ed Sheehan wins via TKO at 1:25 in the 3rd round.
Loveday started strong landing a succesful take-down and was more effective with his striking in the 1st. However Sheehan took control in the 2nd, catching his opponent with an armbar only to be saved by the buzzer. Sheehan continued his dominance finding success with his striking to stun Loveday before the ref stepped in.
Amateur featherweight: Scott Smith vs. Charlie Riccard
Charlie Riccard wins via unanimous decision 29-28.
Riccard looked nervous during the opening round, vulnerable to Smith’s striking, however settled down and comfortably won the second. A take-down likely scored him the win in a close-third round.

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