Scott Askham talks Antonio Dos Santos bout at UFC Berlin and more

We caught up with Scott Askham yesterday as he is readying himself for the most important fight of his career this Saturday in Berlin on the UFC Fight Night card against Brazilian opponent Antonio Dos Santos (6-2).

Askham (12-1) made his UFC debut last October coming out on the wrong end of a close and entertaining fight with Magnus Cedenbald. Hindsight is sometimes a wonderful thing and Scott can take some positives from the experience:

“Yeah in away I am happy I lost because of where I am today. As a fighter you if you are not moving forward you are moving back (because everyone else is moving forward so quickly) so I am happy for the loss in terms of where I have ended up, and feel reborn again. I know that sounds cheesy but really am happy feel great and can’t wait to fight!”

One of the big positives he takes from this is the association he has now formed with Darren (Daz) Morris and the ASW fight team:

“Coach Daz Morris’s knowledge is unbelievable! My whole game is coming together under his fighting style! And I am also adding loads to my game daily, And I really mean that daily I am moving forward! I’ve already said to a few people it’s scary to think where I would be with a couple more years with Darren. His knowledge skill and mind set is unbelievable! He is a leader and it’s something I feel I have always needed as a fighter, I need that leader. I need to trust my coach and believe what he is telling me and with Daren I get what he teaches instantly and he is always on your back if something is not right.

That’s what I love don’t like it when you just turn up get taught techniques and that’s it you get it or you don’t. He shows you every little detail and makes it work and he also understand what techniques are for what body types and to do that as a coach makes you world class because teaching something you use and works for you is exactly what I need! I don’t want to focus on techniques I’ll not use in the cage! Daz makes everything relevant!”

Dan Hardy recently filmed a piece at ASW and echoed the same sentiments towards Coach Morris and the methods used at ASW “Gyms like this will make the UK more of a force in the MMA world in the near future.”

He also has had the UFC experience before and said “It’s been easier the second time around. I feel in a much better place. The weight cut is going well, and I have switched a few things up in terms of prep this time under my new team. I really do feel great no excuse,  everything has gone to plan. I am 100% healthy and have had a good camp. I feel a totally different fighter mentally, physically, and skill wise. I can’t wait!”

The team have done their homework on Dos Santos and Askham knows what he shouldn’t do: “I cannot go head hunting! But, I feel my style and his style makes for a very good fight, and a fight I can use to showcase my skills. Yeah I feel it’s a good match up! Obviously he has his dangers but also he has his holes and it is those holes we are looking to expose on Saturday night and get the finish! Every performance is important of corse it is but this is a must win fight for me! Every fight is a must win really but losing two in a row? That is not happening! I have worked my ass off, put the graft in, and now am going out there very focused and determined to get that win!”

By @SteveCA_MMA

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