Jose Aldo’s random drug test sample has been discarded


The UFC’s new drug testing policy is officially up and running; sort of. Today, in a report from and Brazilian site Combate, news broke that Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor’s opponent for the UFC featherweight title on July 11 at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, partook in an unannounced doping test on Thursday (June 11th) but the urine sample he provided will not be sent to the lab for testing.

Accoring to the report, Ben Mosier from Drug Free Sport lab visited Aldo’s Nova Uniao gym to get the sample from the only ever UFC featherweight champion on Thursday. However, after Aldo provided a urine sample, Andre Pederneiras, Aldo’s long time coach and manager, contacted the Brazilian mixed martial arts Athletic Commission (CABMMA) about the test where he was told that they, just like team Aldo, were clueless as to a test being carried out.

Following that, Cristiano Sampaio, the chief operating officer of the CABMMA, apparently contacted the Brazilian police and met Pederneiras, Aldo and Mosier at Nova Uniao before finding out that Mosier is licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission but, due to his visa, was not allowed to work in Brazil.

“We did everything they asked,” Pederneiras told Combate (translation by

“Before this whole mess started, Aldo had already done the test, (his urine) was in the cup. But when the Brazilian commission arrived, they saw that the sample wasn’t collected as it should.”

Combate also report that Mosier was issued a fine of $130 and given eight days to leave Brazil.

“That’s normal,” Aldo told Combate. “We reached a point in this sport that not only me, but every fighter has to go through this. This is my first time in Brazil. I think the Brazilian commission should be the one handling this, for the fact that I live here. But that’s not an issue. It’s nothing for me. Fight, pee, it’s the same thing to me.”

After the failure to successfully leave with a sample it is reported that instead Aldo will be tested again tomorrow but this time by Brazil’s own CABMMA.

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