Irishman Peter Queally returns to lightweight to face Kabesa at EFC 40


Irishman Peter “The Showstopper” Queally is set to face Igeu Kabesa at EFC 40 at 155lbs after Queally announced that he will be cutting back down to lightweight following a stint at welterweight.

Kabesa is undefeated in his career with 5 victories, all of them coming inside the EFC cage.

The SBG Ireland product Queally made a successful EFC debut with a dominant decision win over at EFC 35 against Francois Kabulu in November 2014.

“Lightweight is nothing new to me, I have fought at lightweight many times in the past. I fight at both welter and lightweight.”

“I was originally slated to fight at welterweight at EFC 40 in the main event against another high profile welter. For whatever reason my opponent wouldn’t sign his contract so Graeme asked if would I fight Igeu at 155lbs (70kg) as he really wanted to keep me on the card and make this show a big one and I said fine. Weight doesn’t matter to me, I would’ve fought at heavyweight if I was asked and it meant saving the show.” He told EFCWorldwide

Queally’s opponent Kabesa and his previously scheduled opponent Van Staden are training partners but “The Showstopper” isn’t impressed

“Van Staden had no idea how he was going to beat me so he can’t help him (Kabesa).” He added, “I don’t look too much into my opponents, there’s no need… They are all just flesh and bones and move like everyone else.”

When asked why Queally believes he will win the bout on 6 June, he responded simply. “I’m bigger than him, faster than him, and more skilled than him.”

EFC 40 takes place on Saturday June 6th at Carnival City, Johannesburg.

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