Top 5: Head Kick KOs Since Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 1


On the eve of the Mirko Cro Cop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga rematch, the mind of the hardcore MMA fan tends to get carried to the past. In many people’s book, that was the greatest head kick KO in the history of the UFC – and it’s hard to disagree with those people. With that said, there have been many dome crushing leg attacks since which have captivated fight fans around the world. Here are my top five.

5 – Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz machida dasdasdamunozzz

As a karate stylist, the head kick is an option for Lyoto Machida which has been pretty good for him over the years. His strike against Mark Munoz is best he has ever landed inside the cage. Ok, it may not have been as artistic as the Randy Couture KO but the sheer precision and impact it had earns it a place on my list.

4 – Josh Samman vs. Eddie Gordon

UFC 181 - Gordon v Samman

Sometimes in MMA things just fall into place. That was the case for Josh Samman last year when he ended a year decimated by family trouble and injury with one of the most brutal head kick KOs the sport has ever seen to earn himself a comeback victory.

3 – Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort


Often it sport, the commentators’ words make a moment in time even more memorable. That was the case in his fight as Joe Rogan (quite correctly) waxed lyrical about Anderson Silva landing the first ever “front kick to the face” KO against head kick KO specialist Vitor Belfort.

2 – Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim

edson barboza_dur

For a niche sport like MMA we don’t often have incidents which send shockwaves around the world. Edson Barboza’s spinning wheel kick KO was definitely one. Moments after Barboza put the Liverpudlian’s lights out the clip had gone viral and shocked viewers all over the world because of the insanse skill, precision and ferocity of the Brazilian’s lightening head kick.

1 – Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson vs. Dan Stittgen

Stephen Thompson -110413.vadapt.620.high.0

When I think of a head kick knockout I see a hidden shot coming at warp speed after a series of set up strikes which connects directly with the jaw to finish the other fighter. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson did that to perfection in his UFC debut. Just like Lyoto Machida, Wonderboy is a lifelong Karate practitioner and brought his often criticized art to the cage with devastating results. For me, this isn’t only the best since Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop, it’s the best ever.

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