UFC And Reebok Sign Landmark Uniform Deal


After many rumours and much conjecture over the last year, the long awaited announcement about UFC uniforms came today. UFC president Dana White announced that apparel company Reebok will produce the fight-wear for all UFC fighters henceforth.

“This is the largest non-broadcast deal we’ve ever done and 100% of the money goes to the fighters.” Dana White announced before also announcing that 20% of sales will also go directly to the fighters.

When asked about how the money will be allocated White broke it down as; “Champions get the lions share of the money, then 1-5 in the rankings, then 6-10. The rankings determine the amount of money the fighters will get.”

Reebok President Matt O’Toole was also present at the event and was delighted to be working with the UFC saying: “This partnership is much more than a licensing agreement. It is a true collaboration between two great brands, which will not only give UFC a new and exciting look, but it will harness the global reach of both brands to also benefit young people around the world, particularly those at risk of being involved in crime and violence.”

While UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta said: “Together with Reebok we are changing the landscape of MMA. Working with another global brand with such a strong history in training and fitness will deliver long-term value for UFC athletes and their brands by elevating and further professionalizing the events and the sport. Every UFC athlete will benefit from high quality performance apparel specifically developed, tested and produced for MMA athletes. Never before has the sport had a global athletic footwear and apparel brand committed to investing so much in the research and development of products specifically for MMA.”

Fighters will be allowed to retain their own sponsors but will not be permitted to show the brand inside the Octagon or on any UFC programming. Sponsor banners will also be a thing of the past starting from July 11, 2015 while fighters and their corners will be provided with the necessary gear at the beginning of each fight week.

The deal has been signed for six years and starts from July 6th 2015.

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