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Neil Seery: “Coward” Gomez should never fight for Cage Warriors again


Cage Warriors flyweight world champion, Neil “2 Tap” Seery has blasted Ulysses Gomez, the first scheduled challenger to his crown, who collapsed while trying to make weight for last weekend’s Cage Warriors 62 headline bout.

In this exclusive interview with PETER CARROLL, the champion reveals how he found out the incident had happened, the problems he has with some aspects of his opponent’s collapse and why he believes Gomez should never fight for Cage Warriors again.

On Friday morning in Newcastle, whispers began to emerge about an accident Ulysses Gomez was involved in that would see him out of the following night’s main attraction. Neil Seery, who was to defend his title for the first time against the American, was none the wiser despite his Team Ryano companions having already heard the news.

“I was only told 10 or 15 minutes before the weigh ins,” said an agitated Seery. “Andy and the lads in my corner were keeping it under wraps, they knew about it but they didn’t want me to fly off the handle. In the end it was actually Brian Adams, Phil Harris’s coach, who let it slip.

“We were just standing around waiting to weigh in and he said, ‘sorry to hear about your fight’, and then Andy explained what happened. I was in shock, ‘what are you on about’, I was asking them. Even though I didn’t want to, Andy told me I had to be professional and go and prove that I had made weight.

“I did it in the end, but do you think I wanted to? I felt like a fucking idiot up there weighing in with no opponent. I was raging and I only got more pissed off when we heard what was supposed to have happened.”

Although the Dubliner insists he didn’t know anything about the fight being called off, he did reveal that in hindsight, there were some signs that the challenger was finding the cut difficult. The champion also outlined some problems he had with the cutting process of Gomez, claiming the American failed to act accordingly in the knowledge that he was too heavy.


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