Neil Grove to Tyson Fury “Stop talking the talk, get some guts and walk the walk!”

Tyson Fury made himself known to the MMA world at the end of last year by calling out the new UFC champion Cain Velasquez following the UFC 155 heavyweight title rematch between Cain and Junior Dos Santos.

Fury claimed on twitter that Cain “wouldn’t last 2 rounds!” and “Cain Velasquez is a little midget on steroids, bring it on, I’ll fight. Not a man born from his mother can beat me!”

When the UFC champion didn’t respond, Tyson Fury turned his attention to Michael Bisping calling him “a first class prick” and claimed “Him and Velasquez at the same time couldn’t beat me!”

Now UFC and Bellator veteran Neil “Goliath” Grove has decided it’s time for Fury to put up or shut up and Cage Contender CEO John Ferguson revealed to us that he would be more than willing to put the match up together..

“If there is any way on Earth that this fight can be made, I’m happy to sit down with everyone involved and talk about it.

By that I mean fighters, managers, promoters, broadcasters and anyone else who’s willing to throw their hat into the arena”

We also spoke to Grove following a series of unanswered twitter messages aimed at Fury..

“He recently called out the new heavyweight champion of the UFC. I think it’s quite rude of him to want to jump the MMA rankings like that. We are all in line. Just like in boxing…

“He should gain the respect of the MMA community first… Starting with gaining my respect!

“It just seems as soon as it gets ‘real’ for him, on local soil, he soils himself, and nothing… No response?

“He is either all talk, or is going to step up.

“My message to Mr. Fury, stop talking the talk, get some guts and walk the walk!”

“My little friends, ‘good night and sleep tight’ ( my left and right fists!) would be pleased to meet his chin!”

You can follow Neil Grove and Tyson Fury on Twitter @GoliathGrove and @Tyson_Fury

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