Exclusive Interview with Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley

News broke earlier today that Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley would be taking on Patrick ‘Dexter’ Vallee in the main event of Cage Contender 16 on 23rd February in Dublin, Ireland

We spoke to Paul earlier to get his thoughts on Cage Contender and his opponent Patrick Vallee.

You are facing Patrick “Dexter” Vallee in the main event of Cage Contender 16, what do you know (if anything) about your opponent Vallee?

I have seen some of his fights, some training footage also, so I aware of him and his abilities. I take him very seriously.

Have you looked at any tape on Vallee? Will you study him between now and fight time?

I don’t really study tape, I look once or twice to see there level and then that’s that. People change from fight to fight.

What part of Patrick Vallee’s game do you think is the most dangerous? What situations will you be looking to avoid?

He seems to be well roundest obviously this is a big chance for him to make a name for himself so he will train hard and come to fight hard.

Could you give us a prediction on how and when you see the fight ending?

I will knock him out, but I do see an entertaining fight.

Anything you would like to say to the Cage Contender fans?

Thanks for having me in Ireland, I will be bringing my Semtex brand of entertainment, and knockout victories.

Anyone you would like to thank?

My sponsors, banned fightwear, Maximuscle, booster, fearless fightwear, ultimate gladiators, spirit dojo, family, friends, fans and management.
For more information and tickets to Cage Contender 16, check out Cage Contender.com
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