Exclusive Interview with Mick Brennan

With Cage Contender 16 in Dublin fast approaching, we caught up with Mick Brennan to talk about his career, fighting Muzicuk, what the future holds for him and more

How did you get into MMA originally?

I happened to get suspended from junior soccer for a year and one day I was in a local chipper in Kilkenny and noticed a poster about MMA classes in Kilkenny ,so I said I would try it out for the time i was going to be out from soccer, and I got hooked from then on!

What style would you consider to be your base?

I don’t consider anyone style to be my base. I train and make my overall game as best as it can be!

You’re fighting Alex Muzicuk at Cage Contender 16 in February, do you know much about him?

I don’t know much about Alex but I should have a better idea soon enough.

You’re were supposed to rematch Peter Queally at Cage Contender 14 but he fell off the card on fight day, how frustrating was this?

Cc 14..pull out on fight day, yeah it was frustrating.. I was ready to go! But at the same time I felt for Peter because he really wasn’t well that day to be fair!

Would you still like to fight him again in the future?

I’m not sure if we’ll meet again… I’m constantly fighting at 66kg (145lbs) so I’m not sure, who knows..

Do you watch much tape, if it’s available, on your opponents?

If there is tape available I’ll watch it, if not I won’t… overall i just make sure I’m ready no matter what either way!

Where do you think Muzicuk is most dangerous? What situations will you be looking to avoid?

I’m not looking to avoid any situation..wherever the fight goes, it goes.. I’m prepared for it man!

Can you give us a prediction for the bout with Muzicuk?

Prediction… Mick Brennan to win!

There is talk of you rematching Michael Devlin at Cage Gods 2 in March, is this fight going ahead?

I’m not sure myself really, i know there was talk about myself and Mick going at it again but as far as i know there is nothing concrete yet, my head is just on the next fight on Cage Contender

What are your MMA goals for 2013?

To make as big an impact in Irish MMA as I can and become a high contender in the featherweight division!

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Just want to thank Kilkenny Boxing Acadamy (Sully), Fennelly’s fitness gym, Kilkenny TopPro, Mick Alriddge and Athy bjj, and training partner/coach Myles Price!


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