Clan Wars 14: Shannon vs Cikotas set for 3rd March in Belfast

Clan Wars 14 is set to take place on 3rd March in The Ramada Hotel, Shawsbridge, Belfast with FAI head coach and top rated Irishman Liam Shannon taking on undefeated Lukas Cikotas for the Clan Wars middleweight championship.

Shannon didn’t fight in 2012 due to injuries, however he will be trying to put last year behind him as he attempts to secure the middleweight belt against Lukas Cikotas.

Cikotas is known for his slick jiu jitsu ground game, and Shannon will have to be careful, even on top.

The co-main event will feature a lightweight match up between Declan Larkin and Bryan Gorman.

Larkin is well known around Irish MMA as not just a fighter but a referee also. Larkin started in Magherafelt and has since moved clubs to the highly respected Next Generation N.I under head coach Rodney Moore.

Larkin will be taking on Fighting Fit’s head coach Bryan Gorman, who will be dropping to 155lbs for the first time, also trains out of Rilion Gracie team in Letterkenny, so Declan, will have to be very careful on the ground.

The next fight is a lightweight match up between rising stars of Irish MMA, Joe McColgan and Paddy McBride

Both these guys have caught the attention of the Irish MMA world and will both be looking to use one another as another stepping stone. McColgan holds notable wins over James ‘Sexual’ Heelan and Levi Kehoe in 2012

The card in full

Liam Shannon v Lukas Cikotas

Declan Larkin v Bryan Gorman

Joe Mc Colgan v Paddy Mc Bride

Pat McAlister v Anesh Bagwandeen

Gary Larkin v Geoff Hall

Ryan Kilpatrick v JP Donnelly

Arun Radu v Gerry Smyth

Aaron Kennedy v Matt Mullen

Gerard Gilmore v Dec McAleenan

Simon Loughlin v Steven Moore

Justin Gills v Stephen Abbott

Kyle McClurkin v Aaron Wallace

Ian Boyd v Brian Kelly

Mitchell McCormack v Bobby Shepard

Chris Smith v Gary Western

Gavin O Neill v James Scott

Stephen King v Ian Mc Neill

K1: Ryan Grey v Mike Townsley

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