Interview – Team Ryano’s Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond talks upcoming Cage Warriors bout and more

It has been a great few months for you, coming off 2 very impressive wins in Cage Warriors, both by finish, can you talk to us about this?

Yeah, I’ve been putting alot of hours on the mats, the gym nutrition, strength and training and I think it’s really starting to show. I think people are just starting to notice me now because I’m fighting on such a big show like Cage Warriors

It seems to us, that you have come on leaps and bounds in the last 9 months, would you say this is the case, or is it like you say just a case of people finally noticing?

I agree, I think I have improved the past year or so and it’s all been down to the team I’m with our coach Andy is brilliant and with some of the best in Europe in Neil Seery, John Donnelly etc and you can only get better with people like that in the gym.

If you’re not improving then other fighters will just pass you by and you’ll get left behind

This has been a great year for you and for Team Ryano, what goals, if any, have you set for yourself for 2013?

Well I’m not looking past my next opponent in Ryan Roddy. He’s unbeaten in his pro career so I’m just focused on that at the minute.

As far as 2013, I’m hoping to get to the states again to train, as I’ve been in American Top Team in 2011 and just learned so much but in fighting I just want to keep putting on good fights on Cage Warriors and who knows from there.

Talk to us about your record on Sherdog, you’re listed as 4-3 as a professional, but they have listed 2 wins as Amateur fights, even thought they took place after you’re 1st listed Pro fight, is this correct?

All my fights that are on Sherdog are professional, even if listed as amateur.

I am 5-3 as a pro, as one promotion still haven’t posted my results on Sherdog from a fight in Wrexham, Wales last year… very frustrating

It has just been announced that you’re fighting at Cage Warriors 51, What do you know about your upcoming opponent Ryan Roddy?

Not a whole lot. I know he’s a purple belt in jits, he’s unbeaten, and he’s beaten some tough guys in Ali McLean, Dec Larkin etc

Do you watch much tape on your opponents? Will you be studying him between now and New Year’s Eve?

Not really as I think it’s just better to go in and do your own thing. I’m sure my coaches will though and drill everything that’s necessary

Is there anything you would like add?

Yeah, I’d like to thank my coach Andy Ryan, all the guys at Team Ryano, Dave McConkey at South Dublin Strength and Conditioning, and Mc nutrition GAA.

Thanks to Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond for talking the time to talk to us, be sure to watch him live on MMAJunkie on New Year’s Eve, as he takes on Ryan Roddy

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